Martina Raquel Gallagher

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PURPOSE This article presents the views that mothers of Mexican descent have related to lifestyle habits that put children at risk for obesity. DESIGN AND METHOD A qualitative, naturalistic design using ethnographic interviews was selected for this study. Informational redundancy was reached with 9 mothers of Mexican descent. Spradley's Developmental(More)
Ecological models of human interaction can be used to study complex community problems that affect health disparities. These models allow researchers to study the components of a problem and understand how the problem can be ameliorated with nursing interventions. This article describes four research studies in which ecological models were used to either(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the differential efficacy of a weight loss program for Mexican-American children who are overweight, obese, and severely obese. STUDY DESIGN Study participants were enrolled in an intensive weight loss intervention aimed at improving eating and physical activity behaviors with behavior modification strategies. Participants included(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated a school-based obesity intervention for elementary school children (N = 835) where health professionals assisted teachers with the integration of healthy messages into the school curriculum. METHODS Schools were randomized into a professional-facilitated intervention (PFI; N = 4) or a self-help (SH; N = 3) condition.(More)
The purpose of this research was to investigate the agent, host, and environmental factors that are related to overweight status in a sample of low-income Hispanic toddlers who were enrolled in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children in a large southwestern city in the United States. Among children at risk for overweight(More)
"Science and Community: Ending Obesity Improving Health" (S&C) aimed to reduce obesity in Houston by developing community partnerships to identify research priorities and develop a sustainable obesity reduction program. Partnership members were recruited from S&C events and invited to participate in in-depth interviews to gain insight into obesity(More)
For numerous reasons, children of Mexican descent experience many health disparities. One strategy for addressing these disparities is to increase health promotion and protection behaviors that mothers use with their preschool children. Limited literature is available on such practices used by mothers of Mexican descent with their healthy preschool(More)
OBJECTIVE Diet is a modifiable factor associated with pediatric obesity outcomes, but few studies have evaluated the relationships of sleep duration and regularity on dietary intake of young preschool-aged children. The goal of this study was to evaluate whether short sleep duration and irregular sleep timing were associated with greater calorie,(More)
Growth stunting is a complex phenomenon related to undernutrition that can contribute to developmental delay, cognitive deficits, and small size and obesity in adulthood. Stunted growth, defined as height for age below the 5th percentile, is primarily caused by chronic malnutrition. In this study, a community-based intervention to reduce undernutrition was(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated 24-month outcomes of a school-based intensive lifestyle weight management program targeting overweight Mexican-American adolescents. METHODS We recruited a total of 71 adolescents (32 males; 45.1%) between the ages of 10 and 14 years, at or above the 85th percentile for body mass index (BMI). Participants were randomized to a(More)