Martina Pavletić

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The triple A or Allgrove syndrome is an autosomal-recessive disease (MIM*231550) characterized by the triad of achalasia, alacrima and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-resistant adrenal insufficiency. Associated features of the syndrome are neurological and dermatological abnormalities. Until the discovery of the AAAS gene as the responsible gene in(More)
Hypertension frequently occurs in patients with renal transplant. The aim of the present study was to determine the incidence, time of occurrence and hypertension severity following transplantation. A total of 78 patients (37 women and 41 men) mean age 49.9 +/- 12 years were included in the study. The post-transplant period amounted from 6 to 168 months.(More)
During 1974, 80 women with symptoms of relative stress incontinence underwent cystotonometric, sphincterometric and urethrometric examinations. The average basal bladder pressure, sphincter resistance, urethral length with the patient in the lying position and functional urethral length (difference between urethral length in the lying and the upright(More)
A 3-year-old male mixed-breed dog had swelling of the penile sheath, which developed after the dog was castrated at 1 year of age. Physical examination revealed pitting edema and multiple turgid vesicles on the prepuce and inguinal area. Histologic evaluation of the vesicles revealed thin epidermis elevated by dermal proliferation of dilated lymphatic(More)
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