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Peptides in the RF-NH2 family are grouped together based on an amidated dipeptide C terminus and signal through G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) to influence diverse physiological functions. By determining the mechanisms underlying RF-NH2 signaling targets can be identified to modulate physiological activity; yet, how RF-NH2 peptides interact with GPCRs(More)
In the last decade, Web 2.0 services such as blogs, tweets, forums, chats, email etc. have been widely used as communication media , with very good results. Sharing knowledge is an important part of learning and enhancing skills. Furthermore, emotions may affect decision-making and individual behavior. Bitcoin, a decentralized electronic currency system,(More)
The ability to exibly access coded video data at diierent resolutions or bit rates is referred to as scalability. We are concerned here with the class of methods referred to as pyramidal embedded coding in which speciic subsets of the binary data can be used to decode lower-resolution versions of the video sequence. Two key techniques in such a pyramidal(More)
The role of managing a software project can be extremely complicated, requiring many teams and organizational resources. Many people are acknowledging that Agile development is helpful to business, with an high increase over the last years in the number of people who believe that Agile helps companies to complete projects faster. Since there is a multitude(More)
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