Martina Marvardi

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The burden perceived by caregivers of patients with dementia is a fundamental prognostic aspect in the history of the disease. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the internal consistency of the Caregiver Burden Inventory (CBI), a scale used to quantify burdens in different aspects of a caregiver's life, and the influence of(More)
BACKGROUND Considerable suffering is experienced by carers of patients with dementia. Most existing studies do not consider the coexistence of subjective and objective aspects that cause, interacting to each other, this suffering. OBJECTIVES In this study we: (1) define the high-risk group of caregivers on the bases of the scores obtained on the four(More)
The term "cardiogenic dementia" was introduced a few decades ago to indicate an alteration of consciousness and cognition due to heart disease. Although this term is now disused, the relationship between cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment is currently of great interest, not only for its potential therapeutic implications. but also for the(More)
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