Martina Martinovic

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Suitability of liquid lecithin (i.e., solution of lecithin in soy bean oil with ∼ 60% w/w of phospholipids) for formation of gels, upon addition of water solution of poloxamer 407, was investigated, and formulated systems were evaluated as carriers for percutaneous delivery of ibuprofen. Formulation study of pseudo-ternary system liquid lecithin/poloxamer(More)
Nonionic surfactants (caprylocaproyl macrogol-8 glycerides, octoxynol-12, polysorbate-20, and polyethylene glycol-40 hydrogenated castor oil) (47.03%, w/w), costabilizer (poloxamer 407) (12%-20%, w/w), oil (isopropyl myristate) (5.22%, w/w), water (q.s. ad 100%, w/w), and ibuprofen (5%, w/w) were used to develop oil-in-water microemulsions with Newtonian(More)
Individual differences in cognitive processing style have recently been hypothesized as an important source of systematic variability in speech processing. This study offers further evidence in support of this hypothesis by showing that variability in cognitive processing style, as measured by differences in working memory capacity and “autistic” traits,(More)
This paper comes at the typological question by way of a language-internal question. How does the positioning of a Mandarin relative clause relate to the options for its interpretation? I argue that Mandarin has prenominal appositive relatives, and that these occur in the post-demonstrative position within the nominal. This finding is remarkable given(More)
Numerous studies have documented the phenomenon of phonetic convergence: the process by which speakers alter their productions to become more similar on some phonetic or acoustic dimension to those of their interlocutor. Though social factors have been suggested as a motivator for imitation, few studies have established a tight connection between these(More)
The Neoštokavian dialect of Croatian belongs to the somewhat obscure category of pitch accent languages,1 making use of both tone and another type of prominence, usually termed stress, in wordlevel prosody (Babić, 1988; van der Hulst & Smith, 1988; Bethin, 1994; Inkelas & Zec, 1988; Zec, 1992, 1999). The interaction between tone and stress yields four(More)
The study investigated usage of hydrogel of an anionic polymer xanthan gum for design of ibuprofen-loaded hydrogel-thickened microemulsions (HTMs) from the nonionic oil-in-water microemulsion (M). Xanthan gum demonstrated the performances of a thickening agent in physically stable HTMs at 5±3°C, 20±3°C, and 40±1°C during 6months. The results of(More)
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