Martina Lori

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In Arabidopsis thaliana, the endogenous danger peptides, AtPeps, have been associated with plant defences reminiscent of those induced in pattern-triggered immunity. AtPeps are perceived by two homologous receptor kinases, PEPR1 and PEPR2, and are encoded in the C termini of the PROPEP precursors. Here, we report that, contrary to the seemingly redundant(More)
Plant elicitor peptides (Peps) are potent inducers of pattern-triggered immunity and amplify the immune response against diverse pathogens. Peps have been discovered and studied extensively in Arabidopsis and only recently orthologues in maize were also identified and characterized in more detail.Here, the presence of PROPEPs, the Pep precursors, and PEPRs,(More)
Population growth and climate change challenge our food and farming systems and provide arguments for an increased intensification of agriculture. A promising option is eco-functional intensification through organic farming, an approach based on using and enhancing internal natural resources and processes to secure and improve agricultural productivity,(More)
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