Martina Lavalle

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A compact polarimetry (CP) mode can be defined as a dual-pol mode that transmits a generic polarized wave, usually circular or linear oriented at 45 deg. In this paper, we first show some observations of the reconstruction algorithms of pseudo full Pol-SAR/PolInSAR information from CP data. Secondly, we discuss the impact of the SAR processor and receiver(More)
Understanding the dependence of observables on bio-physical parameters is crucial for a correct exploitation of the information embedded in the SAR data. In this contribution we report on the sensitiveness that the polarimetric and interferometric phase presents versus forest parameters. Different characteristics of the acquisition sensor are also included(More)
In packaging industry, the duration of the carton folding plays a fundamental role in the production process; in particular in the erection process when each panel rotates around the die-pressed lines called creases. Their bending response can be very complex, depending on forming and environment conditions. The crease mechanical properties, such as(More)
In this contribution we show a preliminary inversion approach that uses the polarimetric and interfero-metric (POLINSAR) coherence phase to estimate the height of vegetated areas. The POLINSAR degree of coherence is first optimized to identify the ground and top-canopy height, and then corrected for the wave penetration and terrain slope. We use a coherent(More)
We propose to estimate Faraday rotation (FR) from SAR unfocussed raw data rather than focussed Single Look Complex (SLC) data. The main issue of the previous approaches presented in literature is the inherent averaging of the FR angle with the focussing process. This averaging might lead to wrong estimation of FR especially in the case of rapid spatial(More)
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