Martina Lachnit

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CELL BIOLOGY Correction for “Aged insulin granules display reduced microtubule-dependent mobility and are disposed within actinpositive multigranular bodies,” by Peter Hoboth, Andreas Müller, Anna Ivanova, Hassan Mziaut, Jaber Dehghany, Anke Sönmez, Martina Lachnit, Michael Meyer-Hermann, Yannis Kalaidzidis, and Michele Solimena, which appeared in issue 7,(More)
Insulin secretion is key for glucose homeostasis. Insulin secretory granules (SGs) exist in different functional pools, with young SGs being more mobile and preferentially secreted. However, the principles governing the mobility of age-distinct SGs remain undefined. Using the time-reporter insulin-SNAP to track age-distinct SGs we now show that their(More)
The type 1 diabetes autoantigen ICA512/IA-2/RPTPN is a receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase of the insulin secretory granules (SGs) which regulates the size of granule stores, possibly via cleavage/signaling of its cytosolic tail. The role of its extracellular region remains unknown. Structural studies indicated that β2- or β4-strands in the mature(More)
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