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The objective of this study was to evaluate data retrospectively on accidental ingestion of ethylene glycol (EG), based on calls to the Czech Toxicological Information Centre and from toxicological laboratories, in the years 2000-2004. All patients who ingested a known amount of EG and/or subjects with measured serum EG levels were included. A variety of(More)
The aim of our study was to evaluate the severity of hepatic and kidney damage with a focus on their reversibility, and to analyze the prognostic factors following Amanita phalloides poisoning based on calls made to the Czech Toxicological Information Centre. A variety of clinical and laboratory parameters were collected. Student's t-test and Fisher's test(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the study was to evaluate the severity of kidney damage retrospectively and to analyze prognostic factors following ethylene glycol (EG) poisonings. METHODS Data concerning the clinical course of patients with EG poisoning between 2000 and 2002 were analyzed. The chi2 test, Student's t test, Fisher's test and the calculation of(More)
We report here on a patient who attempted suicide four times by ingesting a lethal dose of antifreeze. Reversibility of renal damage due to ethylene glycol (EG) ingestion is not complete in all patients, and its predictor factors are not well understood. A 30-year-old man suffering from a depressive disorder repeatedly attempted suicide between 2002 and(More)
Antidote ethanol is the basic treatment in ethylene glycol (EG) poisoning. EG ingestion is occasionally combined with ethanol. The objective was to evaluate the course of intoxications due to concurrent EG and ethanol ingestion. Data about clinical course of EG poisonings with coincidental ethanol ingestion reported to the Czech Toxicological Information(More)
To evaluate the frequency and severity of lithium intoxication in calls to the Czech Toxicological Information Centre (TIC). A 4-year retrospective study (2000–2003) of cases of lithium intoxication. Analysis of data from the database of the TIC and hospital discharge reports: sex, age, dose, blood level and biochemical markers of nephrotoxicity, symptoms,(More)
The aim of the study is to assess the occurrence of inquiries to the Poison Information Centre in the years 1998-2002, concerning medical preparations containing active agents included in Act No. 79/1997 on Drugs in the group of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs which can be sold in the Czech Republic in other shops than pharmacies. It deals especially with(More)
The objective was to evaluate the severity of ethylene glycol (EG) intoxications in a 3-year retrospective study of the calls to the Toxicological Information Centre (TIC). Data about clinical course of patients with EG poisoning reported to the TIC in the years 2000-2002 were analysed. They were completed by the data from discharge records from the(More)
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