Martina Ide

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In this paper we reflect on the impact of a novel digitally enriched learning space for teaching and teacher education. For this purpose we present a hypermedia presentation and interaction platform, publicly accessible in the lobby of a secondary school in northern Germany. We show how this learning space digitally extends learning spaces in a new way.(More)
The integration of programmable textiles into teaching scenarios allows the necessary support for world-life in the 21 st century. Therefore, we are going to discuss theoretically the meaning of this integration. We are going to describe a pilot project, where 10 th graders program and create smart textiles, relate to self-produced video clips and an(More)
The aim of this paper is to discuss the pertinence of experience of hypertext structures regarding the development of perceptual patterns when using contemporary time based interactive media. Therefore we discuss first the idea of time based hypermedia and related works in arts and education. Then we describe the design and implementation of the pilot(More)
In this contribution we discuss the duties and responsibilities which are important within teacher education to qualify for teaching students in the 21st century at school for acting competent in their future by including contemporary media in their learning. Based on a practiced teaching module the authors' give an example, how to structure contemporary(More)
In this paper, we describe the background of the design and the new possibilities of interaction for teenagers with <i>WeWrite</i>, a JAVA-based interaction tool for mobile phones. <i>WeWrite</i> opens up new possibilities for interacting with self-designed and programmed wearables, using the Lily-Pad, the iconic programming interface <i>Amici</i>, as well(More)
In this article we describe a computer-based novel learning space for teaching and learning at school which digitally extends learning spaces in a new way. We implemented the InteractiveSchoolWall (ISW), a presentation and interaction platform that is publicly accessible in the lobby of a secondary school in Northern Germany. Interactive navigation and(More)
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