Martina Havenith

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Phase sensitive measurement techniques, such as THz time-domain spectroscopy or dispersive Fourier transform spectroscopy, are very useful tools to obtain a complete set of optical material parameters. When recording the electric field as a function of time delay between THz and optical pulse, the absorption coefficient and the index of refraction can be(More)
Acid dissociation and the subsequent solvation of the charged fragments at ultracold temperatures in nanoenvironments, as distinct from ambient bulk water, are relevant to atmospheric and interstellar chemistry but remain poorly understood. Here we report the experimental observation of a nanoscopic aqueous droplet of acid formed within a superfluid helium(More)
We have set up a near-infrared microscope using a tuneable diode laser in the range from 1530 to 1570 nm. This spectral range is close to the peak of the water overtone absorption. We used this new microscope to study liver cells, hepatocytes, showing that quantitative information of the intracellular water concentration in living cells can be extracted.
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