Martina Gisin

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In obstetrical emergency situations, optimal management requires the immediate coordinated actions of a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional team. This study investigated the influence of simulation training on four specific skills: self-confidence, handling of emergency situation, knowledge of algorithms and team communication. Clinical algorithms(More)
An automated analysis system for on-line fermentation monitoring is presented. The modular system consists of an in-line sterilizeable crossflow microfilter, a selection valve that allows injection of sample or standards, a degassing unit, a dilution module, and a FIA manifold with a spectrophotometric UV/VIS detector. In the dilution module samples are(More)
On behalf of the Swiss Federal Commission Against Alcoholism, 1103 former military recruits were surveyed in 1979 with regard to consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit and psychotropic drugs. The men had been surveyed for the first time with regard to the same factors when under military training in 1972-73 (Battegay, Mühlemann et al.). With regard to(More)
Standard plate counts of 5085 drinking water samples gathered in the Region of Basle were carried out over a period of 9 years (1977 to 1985). Two conditions of incubation were evaluated: 20 degrees C and 30 degrees C for 72 h. In ground water samples (3048 samples) colony forming units (cfu) at 30 degrees C were found to be higher than counts at 20 degrees(More)
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