Martina Esposito

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Fluctuations of the atomic positions are at the core of a large class of unusual material properties ranging from quantum para-electricity to high temperature superconductivity. Their measurement in solids is the subject of an intense scientific debate focused on seeking a methodology capable of establishing a direct link between the variance of the atomic(More)
The spring bloom is a key annual event in the phe-nology of pelagic ecosystems, making a major contribution to the oceanic biological carbon pump through the production and export of organic carbon. However, there is little consensus as to the main drivers of spring bloom formation, exacerbated by a lack of in situ observations of the phyto-plankton(More)
Context. The young active G-dwarf star V889 Herculis (HD 171488) shows pronounced spots in Doppler images as well as large variations in photometry and radial velocity (RV) measurements. However, the lifetime and evolution of its active regions are not well known. Aims. We study the existence and stability of active regions on the star's surface using(More)
Research Note Correlation and path-coefficent analysis in half sib families of globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. Scolymus (l.) Fiori) Abstract: The yield is a complex trait and indirect selection through correlated, less complex and easy measurement traits would be an advisable strategy to increase yield. To assess artichoke genetic variation for(More)
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