Martina Deplano

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Bots are, for many Web and social media users, the source of many dangerous attacks or the carrier of unwanted messages, such as spam. Nevertheless, crawlers and software agents are a precious tool for analysts, and they are continuously executed to collect data or to test distributed applications. However , no one knows which is the real potential of a bot(More)
The spreading of devices and applications that allow people to collect personal information opens new opportunities for user modeling (UM). In this new scenario UM together with personal informatics (PI) can offer a new way for self-monitoring that can provide the users with a sophisticated mirror of their behavior, attitudes and habits and their(More)
This paper describes the movie timeline design for the ReAL CODE (Recommendation Agent for Local Contents in an Open Data Environment) project. The timeline is aimed at providing a novel and engaging way of interacting with final users, highlighting the peculiarity of the ReAL CODE application, which differs from traditional movie recommendation sites: it(More)
This position paper describes the initial research assumptions and work carried on in the context of the ReAL CODE, a project aimed at realizing an intelligent and tailored distribution of digital creative contents towards end users. Contents belong to the movie domain and particular attention will be given to local contents, that will be promoted through(More)
Nowadays, smartphones and digital networks are being heavily used as data sources for research on social networks. Our daily experiences, interactions and transactions are recorded thanks to the digital traces that users leave behind their activities, both individual and social. In this work, we describe AiRCacher, a mobile app for virtual geocaching(More)
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