Martina Cerreti

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The preparation of yeast starter culture (Pied de Cuve) for producing sparkling wine with the traditional method is a key factor for manufacturing a good Prise de mousse. In this paper, the evolution of total yeast population, its viability during Pied de Cuve preparation, and the pressure profile during the 2nd fermentation in 2 different base wines made(More)
Postharvest withering of grapes strongly affects the content and extractability of phenolic compounds in the production of sfursat, fortified and passito wines. This work evaluated the effectiveness of enzymes applied individually and/or in multi-enzyme blends, on the extraction of anthocyanins, oligomeric flavanols and polymeric flavanols from withered(More)
The ethyl carbamate (EC) content of a wine after a given temperature-time storage was theoretically predicted from the potential concentration of ethyl carbamate (PEC), as determined via an accelerated EC formation test. Such information was used to decide whether an enzymatic treatment was needed to reduce the wine urea level before bottling/aging. To this(More)
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