Martina Bryant

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STUDY DESIGN An operator blinded dual modality trial of measurement of the abdominal muscles during "drawing-in" of the abdominal wall. OBJECTIVES 1) To investigate, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the function of the transversus abdominis muscle bilaterally during a drawing-in of the abdominal wall. 2) To validate the use of real-time ultrasound(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal dose of oxytocin at Caesarean section is unclear. Oxytocin may cause adverse cardiovascular effects, including tachycardia and hypotension, whereas an inadequate dose can result in increased uterine bleeding. We compared the effects of two doses of oxytocin in a randomized double-blind trial. METHODS Eighty patients undergoing(More)
OBJECTIVE Our prespecified dose-response analyses of A Very Early Rehabilitation Trial (AVERT) aim to provide practical guidance for clinicians on the timing, frequency, and amount of mobilization following acute stroke. METHODS Eligible patients were aged ≥18 years, had confirmed first (or recurrent) stroke, and were admitted to a stroke unit within 24(More)
BACKGROUND Left untreated, severe mitral regurgitation in asymptomatic patients can lead to irreversible cardiac damage, which can develop with little warning. Over the period of this study, we have tended to operate earlier in the disease process and on less symptomatic patients. We report here our experience. METHODS Between January 1985 and June 1996,(More)