Martina Brandejsová

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In this work, hyaluronan (HA) was grafted by a novel and an efficient mixed anhydrides methodology with (hetero)-aryl and aliphatic acrylic moieties suitable for cross-linking. A precise control of stoichiometry was achieved. Derivatives with degree of substitution (DS) below 20% did not show self-crosslinking. Due to mild reaction conditions, a negligible(More)
This work reports the synthesis and characterisation of new amphiphilic hyaluronan (HA) grafted with poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) (PHAs) conjugates. Hydrolytic depolymerisation of PHAs was used for the synthesis of defined oligo(3-hydroxyalkanoates)-containing carboxylic terminal moieties. A kinetic study of the depolymerisation was followed to prepare(More)
In this study, hyaluronan (HA) was grafted with alpha-linolenic acid (αLNA) by benzoyl mixed anhydrides methodology, which allowed the derivatization of HA under mild reaction conditions. The reaction was optimized and transferred from laboratory to semi-scale production. The derivative revealed an unexpected cytotoxicity after oven drying and storage at(More)
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