Martina Bientzle

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BACKGROUND Medical expert forums on the Internet play an increasing role in patient counseling. Therefore, it is important to understand how doctor-patient communication is influenced in such forums both by features of the patients or advice seekers, as expressed in their forum queries, and by characteristics of the medical experts involved. OBJECTIVE In(More)
An adequately developed spatial representation of number magnitude is associated with children's general arithmetic achievement. Therefore, a new spatial-numerical training program for kindergarten children was developed in which presentation and response were associated with a congruent spatial numerical representation. In particular, children responded by(More)
BACKGROUND Health knowledge develops fast and includes a lot of ambiguous or tentative information. In their daily routine, both health care students and professionals continuously have to make judgments about the viability of health knowledge. People's epistemological beliefs (EBs) and their therapeutic health concepts are factors that influence how they(More)
21 We present an empirical analysis of a web forum in which followers of a health-related community 22 exchange information and opinions in order to pass on and develop relevant knowledge. We analyzed 23 how knowledge construction takes place in such a community that represents an outsider position which 24 is not accepted by majority society. For this(More)
OBJECTIVES In their work, health care professionals have to deal daily with inconsistent health information and are confronted with differing therapeutic health concepts. Medical education should prepare students to handle these challenges adequately. The aim of this study was to contribute to a better understanding of how students deal with inconsistencies(More)
Breast cancer awareness campaigns and screening programs are important public health issues. In order to deepen women's knowledge about mammography screening, a balanced presentation of arguments is considered to be relevant. Yet, little is known about how women process this information and assess pro and contra arguments, which, in turn, can be embedded in(More)
BACKGROUND On the Internet, people share personal experiences as well as facts and objective information. This also holds true for the exchange of health-related information in a variety of Internet forums. In online discussions about health topics, both fact-oriented and strongly personal contributions occur on a regular basis. OBJECTIVE In this field(More)
Computer-supported collaborative learning has the potential to be an effective learning method for pupils with cognitive disabilities, but there is just little research in this area. A computer-supported environment offers several possibilities to handle the specific demands of this target group, for example, by structuring the learning situation with Floor(More)
Verbal communication, particularly the ability to give directions and understand them, is a key not only for learning but also for every day life. Since one main objective of schools for pupils with cognitive disability or learning difficulties is to prepare pupils to manage their every day life on their own, we expect that teaching pupils how to learn and(More)
What problems were addressed? A central challenge of medical education, across all disciplines, is keeping up with rapidly evolving – and expanding – foundational knowledge. It may be particularly difficult for programmes and departments with relatively small numbers of core teaching faculty staff to design andmaintain their own comprehensive curricula. One(More)