Martina Berankova

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Dermatoglyphics of 172 children and young adults (116 males, 56 females) with hypertension, 13-27 years old, were compared with those of 130 healthy male and 110 female controls. Several differences were observed between the two groups. Hypertensive patients had a somewhat lower frequency of fingertip ulnar loops, higher frequency whorls and a higher total(More)
The paper deals with different approaches to the definition of knowledge interoperability. The aim of the paper is to define the process of a knowledge transfer, well-known also as knowledge interoperability. The definition of knowledge interoperability is based on the understanding of knowledge as a tool for problem solving. The knowledge interoperability(More)
Sunscreens are intended to work on the skin. To be both efficient and safe, the lowest possible percutaneous permeation of UV filters should occur. The potential for systemic absorption of Benzophenone-3 (BP3, 10%) and Ethylhexyl Triazone (EHT, 5%) in a silicone-based water-in-oil emulsion was assessed in vitro using a full-thickness porcine-ear skin(More)
Due to health concerns about safety, three UV-filters (Benzophenone-3, BP3, 10%; Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, EHMC, 10%; Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, BMDBM; 5%) were examined in vitro for absorption on full-thickness pig-ear skin, mimicking human in-use conditions. Kinetic profiles confirmed the rapid permeation of BP3; after the first hour of skin(More)
The authors describe an epidemic of acute viral respiratory diseases with a nosocomial character at a clinic for children and adolescents, caused by adenovirus type 3. Of 80 exposed children 26 fell ill (attack rate 32.5%). The disease took a clinical course typical for adenovirus type 3. The authors discuss the problem of respiratory infections with a(More)