Martina Berankova

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The paper deals with different approaches to the definition of knowledge interoperability. The aim of the paper is to define the process of a knowledge transfer, well-known also as knowledge interoperability. The definition of knowledge interoperability is based on the understanding of knowledge as a tool for problem solving. The knowledge interoperability(More)
Key words: Elementary knowledge, knowledge as an object, knowledge as a process, object-oriented representation of elementary knowledge, knowledge transfer, knowledge text Abstract: Elementary knowledge concept and its object-oriented representation are possible to use as a tool for educational text analysis. They should be written in so called " knowledge(More)
Knowledge is crucially important both in organizations and in schools. Different models have been created for varied environments and purposes. The paper deals with several models of knowledge with the aim to construct a simple model which can be used for design and management of distance courses in higher education. The model consists of several parts:(More)
A piecewise linear programming model (PLPM) is usually solved by transformation to a linear programming (LP) model. In the case of convex optimization model the standard simplex method can be used for obtaining results. Stability of solution and sensitivity on changes of initial parameters cannot be tested by the standard method. It does not respect some(More)
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