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The contents of sugars, organic acids, total phenolic content, and the antioxidant activity were quantified in the flesh of red beet from conventional (CON), integrated (INT), organic (ORG), biodynamic (BD), and control farming systems using established methods. Significant differences were measured for malic acid, total phenolic content (TPC), and total(More)
The chemical composition of dwarf French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cv. Top Crop was compared among five production systems: conventional, integrated, organic, and biodynamic production systems and the control. Determination of sugars and organic acids was performed with a HPLC system, and identification of individual phenolic compounds using HPLC-MS. The(More)
BACKGROUND Organic production is widely assumed to affect quality and nutritional parameters of arable crops. A field experiment was started in 2009 following integrated (INT), organic (ORG) and biodynamic (BD) production standards for wheat, maize and rapeseed production. With resort to standard analytical procedures and chemometrics, compositional(More)
Th e research is based on the economic analysis of growing peppers (Capsicum annum L.) and salad cucumbers (Cucumis sativus L.) in an open land and in a protected space. For this purpose the simulation models were developed for the growing of the peppers and salad cucumbers that were based on the technological-economic input data for two growing systems, in(More)
Th e aim of the present study was to compare carcass and meat quality traits of ecologically reared capons and cocks. Th e experiment comprised 60 layer-type Slovenian hybrid Prelux-G chickens. Half of the animals were caponized at the age of 52 days (app. 0.5 kg body mass) and another half were left entire males. All chickens were reared on the same farm(More)
Organic farming represents strategic action for many European countries. Although the subsidies to organic farming sector are present there is no desired level of conversion from conventional to organic farming. System approach was applied in order to analyze the problem state. In order to provide proper strategy to achieve desired level of conversion the(More)
Introduction, production and marketing in alternative (underutilized, neglected, disregarded, rare) crops is a very complex system, but very helpful for producers and consumers. Based on eighteen years of Slovenian experiences since establishment of certification of organic agriculture, research on underutilized field crops and publisi materials we can(More)
The most important photosynthesis acceptor – leaf area vary among cultivation measures and it is limited factor for creating exact growth models in common winter wheat. The objective of this study was to investigate changes of leaf area index (LAI) affected by agricultural treatments – 4 sowing rates and 9 nitrogen treatments based on fertilising rates,(More)
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