Martina Baumann

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1. The mechanosensitivity of eel (Anguilla anguilla) neuromasts was measured by the impulse responses of single afferent nerve fibers to mechanical stimuli. It is dependent on the potential across the skin and on the ions in the water outside the apical membrane of the sensory cells. 2. The mechanosensitivity decreases to zero when the skin is polarized by(More)
BACKGROUND The Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) expression system is the leading production platform for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of numerous human diseases. Efforts to optimize the production process also include the genetic construct encoding the therapeutic gene. Here we report about the successful identification of an endogenous(More)
The choice of promoter is a critical step in optimizing the efficiency and stability of recombinant protein production in mammalian cell lines. Artificial promoters that provide stable expression across cell lines and can be designed to the desired strength constitute an alternative to the use of viral promoters. Here, we show how the nucleotide(More)
The mammalian core promoter is a sophisticated and crucial component for the regulation of transcription mediated by the RNA polymerase II. It is generally defined as the minimal region of contiguous DNA sequence that is sufficient to accurately initiate a basal level of gene expression. The core promoter represents the ultimate target for nucleation of a(More)
The most striking characteristic of CHO cells is their adaptability, which enables efficient production of proteins as well as growth under a variety of culture conditions, but also results in genomic and phenotypic instability. To investigate the relative contribution of genomic and epigenetic modifications towards phenotype evolution, comprehensive genome(More)
The objective of this approach was to identify new CHO endogenous gene regulatory elements that are capable of regulating foreign gene expression in recombinant CHO host cells. The standard technology for the production of many biopharmaceutical products is frequently based on expression vectors that utilize strong mammalian viral promoters like SV40 or CMV(More)
Chitosan hydrogels are gaining increasing interest for biomedical applications due to attractive properties such as biocompatibility. In order to replace toxic chemical cross-linkers for hydrogel formation, we investigated the cross-linking potential of laccase oxidized phenolics. HPLC-TOF-MS and ATR-FTIR demonstrated that phenolics were bond to glucosamine(More)
In this paper the reliable operation of a three-phase three-switch buck-type PWM unity power factor rectifier with integrated boost output stage under heavily unbalanced mains, i.e. mains voltage unbalance, loss of one phase, short circuit of two phases or earth fault of one phase is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The analytical calculation(More)
Recombinant protein expression in mammalian cells has become a very important technique over the last twenty years. It is mainly used for production of complex proteins for biopharmaceutical applications. Transient recombinant protein expression is a possible strategy to produce high quality material for preclinical trials within days. Viral replicon based(More)