Martina Šoljić

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The purpose of this study was to perform an overall evaluation and comparison of the success rate of modified radical mastectomy by harmonic scalpel and monopolar electrocauter The prospective study included all of the patients that were planned for and mastectiomized because of breast carcinoma during July 1st 2008 until December 21st 2008 at the(More)
AIM To assess the knowledge and attitudes regarding sleep medicine among second-year medical students and physicians. METHODS A total of 112 respondents were surveyed for their attitude and knowledge regarding sleep medicine and hypertension. The respondents were divided into three groups: 1) second-year medical students (46 or 41%); 2) physicians at(More)
Through the treatment of anaemia in dialysis patients part of the iron ions remain free in the serum which is at the bacterias disposal for growth and the strengthening of their virulence. The linear relation of the increased serum iron level and tissue iron stores in the body and the infection incidence in dialysed patients has become more emphasised. The(More)
Discussions whether hypoalbuminemia is just a marker for the malnutrition-inflammation syndrome as well as for the increased morbidity and mortality of those patients or is it an etiological factor, are becoming more and more intense. In this research of the relation between hypoalbuminemia and the complications that threaten the vascular access with(More)
Unsatisfactory postsurgical end results in the treatment of chronic pilonidal sinus disease caused by long term healing, pain, inconvenience and recurrences of the lesion still remain problem after various surgical techniques have been described and used. This study was designed to show results of several aspects of midline closure technique with respect(More)
The mineral metabolism disorder is the most influential factor of the morbidity and mortality incidence of haemodialysis uremic patients. The second most influential factor is the infection, which is the most frequent complication with an undesirable outcome. In recent times, the relation of the increased serum calcium and phosphorus level on the one hand,(More)
AIM Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is characterised by shorter overall survival and an early peak of distant recurrences with still no specific targeted treatment available. Vitamin D receptor (VDR) and insulin-like growth factor receptor 1 (IGFR) have recently been described as potential new targets for anticancer therapy, yet their roles in TNBCs(More)
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