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Deep mitochondrial divergence within species may result from cryptic speciation, from phylogeographic isolation or from endosymbiotic bacteria like Wolbachia that manipulate host reproduction. Phengaris butterflies are social parasites that spend most of their life in close relationship with ants. Previously, cryptic speciation has been hypothesised for two(More)
The Brown’s Grayling (Pseudochazara amymone) is one of the most enigmatic and sought after species among European butterflies. Hiding its exact distribution for almost 40 years with the idea of protecting it, resulted in an increasing collector’s interest, with market prices reaching up to 1,000 euro for a single female after its discovery in Albania.(More)
Due to their complex and interesting life cycle and alarming conservation status the Large Blue butterflies have become one of the most studied group of insects in Europe. In Serbia, however, Phengaris teleius has recently been discovered (in the far north of the country) and, since this initial finding, significant efforts have been made to map the local(More)
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