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Sustaining the Fleet, 1793-1815: War, the British Navy and the Contractor State
Provisioning the fleet, and the army overseas, during the French Wars of 1793-1815 was a major undertaking. This book explains how the Victualling Board in London handled this enormous task, focusingExpand
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The “Poor Decayed Seamen” of Greenwich Hospital, 1705–1763
The records of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, usually known as Greenwich Hospital, offer a unique insight into the lives and careers of eighteenth-century seamen. Based upon a databaseExpand
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The “Mystery and Business” of Navy Agents, c. 1700–1820
The "new naval history" has done much to reduce the isolation in which the Royal Navy was formerly studied and to explore the many and varied interactions between te "wooden world" and the widerExpand
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‘To save the industry from complete ruin’: Crisis and response in British fishing 1945-1951
Abstract Fishing is a small, complex and fragmented industry, which arguably exerts political significance disproportionate to its size. This article traces the prolonged period of depression whichExpand
Book Review: The British Navy, Economy and Society in the Seven Years War
[105, 129] The 1696 order only applied to Jamaica and Barbados, however. The order did not apply to governors in the mainland American colonies. Sugar planters and government officials in the WestExpand
In addition to Dr Coats’s article ‘Bermuda naval base: management, artisans and enslaved workers in the 1790s: the 1950s Bermudian apprentices’ heritage’, of those men and boys listed in herExpand
Fishing and Fishermen: A Guide For Family Historians
A graphic account of the development of the British fisheries through the medieval period and into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is given. The themes and issues that family and localExpand