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Mechanism Performance Under Strategy Advice and Sub-Optimal Play: A School Choice Experiment
We implement a laboratory experiment to study how strategy advice affects participants' decisions in a school choice game. Expand
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Psychosocial Factors Impacting Workplace Injury Rehabilitation: Evaluation of a Concise Screening Tool
Purpose To determine whether the delayed recovery often observed in simple musculoskeletal injuries occurring at work is related to poor workplace and home social support. Method A four questionExpand
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Manipulability in Constrained School Choice
In constrained school choice mechanisms, students can only rank a subset of the schools they could potentially access. Expand
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Matching Soulmates
We study iterated matching of soulmates [IMS] — the process of matching coalitions that are the favorite for each member (soulmates), coalitions of soulmates in the remaining group, and so on.Expand
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In Search of Advice for Participants in Constrained School Choice
School choice mechanisms are typically constrained, with students allowed to report preferences on a limited number of schools only Under constraints, the deferred acceptance mechanism (DA) isExpand
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Egalitarianism with a Dash of Fair Efficiency
We study the construction of Paretian egalitarian social ordering functions in a distribution model with multiple goods and heterogeneous preferences. Given the impossibility to combine equality ofExpand
Impossibilities for Strategy-Proof Committee Selection Mechanisms with Vetoes
When a group of voters selects a committee out of a set of candidates, it is common and often desirable to endow these voters with some veto power. I present impossibility results showing that evenExpand
Non-Cooperative Team Formation and a Team Formation Mechanism
We model decentralized team formation as a game in which players make offers to potential teams whose members then either accept or reject the offers. The games induce no-delay subgame perfectExpand
Betting and Belief: Prediction Markets and Attribution of Climate Change
Despite much scientific evidence, a large fraction of the American public doubts that greenhouse gases are causing global warming. We present a simulation model as a computational test-bed forExpand
Deferred acceptance is minimally manipulable
This paper shows that the deferred acceptance mechanism (DA) cannot be improved upon in terms of manipulability without compromising stability. A conflict between manipulability and fairness is alsoExpand