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A popular approach to knowledge extraction from clinical databases is to first define an ontology of the concepts one wishes to model and subsequently, use these concepts to test various hypotheses and make predictions about a person’s future health and wellbeing. The challenge for medical experts is in the time taken to map between their(More)
A common activity carried out by healthcare professionals is to test various hypotheses on longitudinal study data in an effort to develop new and more reliable algorithms that might determine the possibility of developing certain illnesses. The INnovative, Midlife INtervention for Dementia Deterrence project provides input from a number of European(More)
Clinical studies provide interesting case studies for data mining researchers, given the often high degree of dimensionality and long term nature of these studies. In areas such as dementia, accurate predictions from data scientists provide vital input into the understanding of how certain features (representing lifestyle) can predict outcomes such as(More)
Ontology acts as an important technique for many real world applications and this paper presents some of ontology-based approaches. This paper describes how ontology is modeled, implemented and used in healthcare domain. Ontology is an important emerging rule that has the huge potential to improve information organization, management, and understanding. The(More)
The Cognitive Failures Questionnaire (CFQ; Broadbent, Cooper, FitzGerald, & Parkes, 1982) is designed to assess a person’s proneness to committing cognitive slips and errors in the completion of everyday tasks. Although the CFQ is a widely used instrument, its factor structure remains an issue of scientific debate. The present study used data of a(More)
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