Martin Zlatanski

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High voltage (HV) generator circuit breaker (GCB) is a key protective element for isolating HV generators in case of faults, or operational reasons. GCB typically has a double contact system. During the breaking operation process of the GCB, at first the nominal contact opens, after a while, the arcing contact opens, with a minimum time-elapse between the(More)
In this paper, two architectures for high-speed time-resolved imaging circuits in (Bi)CMOS technology are presented. The first architecture adopts the traditional for the most silicon imagers matrix configuration, where the photocharges-induced signal is processed directly in-pixel. The second approach is based on a single light detecting vector, comparable(More)
This paper presents the state of the art of the Integrated Streak Camera (ISC) architectures in standard CMOS technology. It focuses on some of the methods required for reconstructing the luminous events profile from the chip raw data. Two main ISC architectures are presented. The first adopts the traditional for the most silicon imagers pixel array(More)
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