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Broadcasting and convergecasting are pivotal services in distributed systems, in particular, in wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, which are characterized by time-varying communication graphs. We study the question of whether it is possible to disseminate data available locally at some process to all n processes in sparsely connected synchronous dynamic(More)
Einleitung Betrachten wir folgendes Beispiel: Sei S n die Menge der Permutationen auf der Menge {1,. .. , n}, versehen mit der Gleichverteilung. X ns = X ns (σ) sei die Anzahl der Zyklen der Länge s in einer zufälligen Permutation σ ∈ S n. Mit X n (t) = 1≤s≤n t X ns , t ∈ [0, 1], bezeichnen wir die Anzahl aller Zyklen der Länge kleiner oder gleich n t. Für(More)
We introduce a family of q-analogues of the binomial distribution, which generalises the Stieltjes-Wigert-, Rogers-Szegö-, and Kemp-distribution. Basic properties of this familiy are provided and several convergence results involving the classical binomial, Poisson, discrete normal distribution, and a family of q-analogues of the Poisson distribution are(More)
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