Martin Zühlke

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The application of electrospray ionization (ESI) ion mobility (IM) spectrometry on the detection end of a high-performance liquid chromatograph has been a subject of study for some time. So far, this method has been limited to low flow rates or has required splitting of the liquid flow. This work presents a novel concept of an ESI source facilitating the(More)
The combination of high-performance liquid chromatography and electrospray ionization ion mobility spectrometry facilitates the two-dimensional separation of complex mixtures in the retention and drift time plane. The ion mobility spectrometer presented here was optimized for flow rates customarily used in high-performance liquid chromatography between 100(More)
The novel combination of infrared matrix-assisted laser dispersion and ionization (IR-MALDI) with ion mobility (IM) spectrometry makes it possible to investigate biomolecules in their natural environment, liquid water. As an alternative to an ESI source, the IR-MALDI source was implemented in an in-house-developed ion mobility (IM) spectrometer. The release(More)
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