Martin Yu

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We used 59 biographical variables to create a " bio-index " for forecasting U.S. presidential elections. The bio-index method counts the number of variables for which a candidate rates favourably, and the forecast is that the candidate with the highest score would win the popular vote. The bio-index relies on different information and includes more(More)
This study examined the separate influence and joint influences on event-based prospective memory task performance due to the valence of cues and the valence of contexts. We manipulated the valence of cues and contexts with pictures from the International Affective Picture System. The participants, undergraduate students, showed higher performance when(More)
Recent research on cloud computing adoption indicates that there has been a lack of deep understanding of its benefits by managers and organizations. This has been an obstacle for adoption. We report on an initial design for a firm-level cloud computing readiness metrics suite. We propose categories and measures to form a set of metrics to measure adoption(More)
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