Martin Wursthorn

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In a quantitative in vitro model the activity of vancomycin and teicoplanin in two concentrations (4×MBC and 1 mg/l) againstStaphylococcus aureus and a slime-producingStaphylococcus epidermidis strain colonizing the internal surface of polyurethane and silicone catheters was studied. In comparison with vancomycin, teicoplanin achieved a significantly(More)
This study aimed at measuring the medico-economic interest of a care management programme established for asthmatic patients in the Amiens region ("Action Asthma Amieris") by using and comparing different evaluation tools. Three tools were used in parallel: 1) a questionnaire for collecting information on healthcare received was completed monthly by 305(More)
The in vitro activity of meropenem, a new carbapenem, and the combination effect with netilmicin, tobramycin, gentamicin, and teicoplanin against Pseudomonas spp. and enterococci was studied. Meropenem showed very good in vitro activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MIC90 2 mg/l) and good to moderate activity against Pseudomonas putida (MIC90 4 mg/l) and(More)
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