Martin Wolter

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The influence of sex, age at onset, course of the disease and initial symptomatology on the mortality of patients with multiple sclerosis is analysed. A sample of 1926 patients was followed up prospectively over 4.9 years. Both, the mortality ratio (number of observed to expected deaths) and the excess death rate are calculated. Whereas the mortality ratio(More)
In dynamic H-reflex measurements, the standardisation of the nerve stimulation to the gait cycle is crucial to avoid misinterpretation due to altered pre-synaptic inhibition. In this pilot study, a plantar pressure sole was used to trigger the stimulation of the tibialis nerve with respect to the gait cycle. Consequently, the intersession reliability of the(More)
In 1985 and 1986 the Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Berlin treated two cases of arachnoid cysts of third ventricle, both of which were successfully dealt with surgically. They are reported in this paper. Arachnoid cysts from ventricular system and cisterns are rare. Up to now 46 cases have been reported in the specialized literature. The(More)
In addition to the 19 cases of neuromytonia syndrome previously published, one further observation by the author is presented. The symptoms for neuromyotonia are an involuntary tensing of the musculature with impairment of movement, fasciculation and myokymia as well as specific electromyographic criteria. These symptoms are causes by a functional(More)
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