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  • Anna Hentrich, Martin Wolter, +4 authors Lutz Konrad
  • 2011
A key step in the investigation of male infertility is the appropriate classification of impaired spermatogenesis. In this study, we precisely identified Sertoli and distinct germ-cell types in the rat, the mouse, and in the human testis. As a proof of principle, we studied testis biopsy samples from azoospermic patients with defined spermatogenic defects.(More)
In dynamic H-reflex measurements, the standardisation of the nerve stimulation to the gait cycle is crucial to avoid misinterpretation due to altered pre-synaptic inhibition. In this pilot study, a plantar pressure sole was used to trigger the stimulation of the tibialis nerve with respect to the gait cycle. Consequently, the intersession reliability of the(More)
In addition to the 19 cases of neuromytonia syndrome previously published, one further observation by the author is presented. The symptoms for neuromyotonia are an involuntary tensing of the musculature with impairment of movement, fasciculation and myokymia as well as specific electromyographic criteria. These symptoms are causes by a functional(More)
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