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Locking system for a vehicle and method for its operation
Locking system for a vehicle, in which a locking / unlocking function by activation of a arranged on an outer handle of a vehicle access first button of a capacitive sensor can be introduced, wherein the sensor comprises at least a second, accessible arranged for environmental influences and an operator is not or only with difficulty having disposed button, is not available to the operator button. Expand
Sensor arrangement and method for detecting said overlay of an operator's body part on an operation point of a motor vehicle locking device with an auxiliary sensor based evaluation of the output
In a method for detecting said overlay an operator body part on an actuating point of a closing device of a motor vehicle, an approach of the operator's body part is first detected at the actuatingExpand
Door handle, the functional part as well as methods for introducing a potting compound into the door handle
Die Erfindung betrifft einen Turgriff (1), insbesondere eines Fahrzeuges, mit einem vom Benutzer zu erfassenden Griffteil (10), wobei das Griffteil (10) eine Hohlung (13) aufweist, in der wenigstensExpand
Security system with an accident detection sensor
Die Erfindung betrifft ein Sicherheitssystem eines Kraftfahrzeuges, mit einem Schloss (10), das in mindestens zwei Zustande bringbar ist, um ein bewegliches Teil (30) des Kraftfahrzeuges (1) zuExpand
Door handle with lighting
The invention relates to a door handle unit (10), in particular for actuating a lock (102) of a movable part of a motor vehicle (100), such as a door, flap or the like, having door handle (11) and a support member (12), wherein the door handle is attachable to the movable member (101). Expand
Actuating device for a motor vehicle
An operating device for a motor vehicle to monitor user access. Expand
System with a safety device and a drive for opening a movable vehicle part
The invention relates to a system with a safety device (1) of a motor vehicle (2), which can be placed in communication with a mobile identification transmitter (50) with a drive (20) which is in mechanical operative connection with a movable part (3) of the motor vehicle. Expand
Antenna arrangement for a motor vehicle door outside handle
Antenna arrangement (1) for keyless access systems of motor vehicles, with a ferrite core (3, 4) is disposed around which a coil winding (5), characterized in that the ferrite core for forming aExpand
External door handle with passive entry module and a lighting assembly
An outside door handle assembly for a motor vehicle comprises anoutside door handle (1) comprising a sensor assembly (7, 8) and a communications module (2), which is connected to a first and a second lead (5, 6). Expand