Martin White

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A computer controlled infusion device for propofol was used to induce and maintain general anaesthesia in 20 children undergoing minor surgical procedures. The device was programmed with an adult pharmacokinetic model for propofol. During and after anaesthesia, blood samples were taken for measurement of propofol concentrations and it was found that the(More)
We present a one per cent measurement of the cosmic distance scale from the detections of the baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) in the clustering of galaxies from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, which is part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III. Our results come from the Data Release 11 (DR11) sample, containing nearly one million galaxies and(More)
The pharmacokinetics of propofol in a dose of 2.5 mg kg-1 given via a vein in the antecubital fossa were studied in 18 patients. Anaesthesia was maintained with nitrous oxide in oxygen in all patients. The effects of pretreatment with fentanyl (n = 6) and maintenance with halothane (n = 6) on the pharmacokinetics of propofol were also investigated.(More)
We present a formalism for analyzing interferometric observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropy and polarization. The formalism is based upon the l-space expansion of the angular power spectrum favored in recent years. Explicit discussions of maximum likelihood analysis, power spectrum reconstruction, parameter estimation, imaging and(More)
Building Regulations in England and Wales require that there is adequate provision for ventilation in new homes and guidance on meeting the requirement is primarily based on the need to control moisture. The guidance was last amended in 1995 and as part of the preparation for a further review BRE undertook a study of ventilation and indoor air quality in(More)
The spatial distribution and species composition of high-Antarctic ichthyonekton was investigated during the EPOS 3 cruise by RV Polarstern in the eastern Weddell Sea during January–February 1989. A multiple rectangular midwater trawl was used to collect samples from the surface to near the sea floor at 11 stations along a 245 kra transect off Halley Bay.(More)
In principle, the tensor metric (gravity-wave) perturbations that arise in inflationary models can, beyond probing the underlying inflationary model, provide information about the Universe: ionization history, presence of a cosmological constant, and epoch of matter-radiation equality. Because tensor perturbations give rise to anisotropy of the cosmic(More)
BACKGROUND A prototype paediatric propofol target-controlled infusion (TCI) system, the 'Paedfusor' has been developed. This system incorporates a paediatric pharmacokinetic data set and algorithm specific for children in a Graseby 3500 anaesthesia syringe driver. In this study we have evaluated the accuracy of the Paedfusor TCI system in children who(More)
Propofol offers many advantages as a total intravenous anaesthetic agent compared with other agents. However, considerable experience is necessary in order to give an uncomplicated anaesthetic. A mathematical model which describes the pharmacokinetic behaviour of the drug was incorporated into a computerised delivery system which enables the anaesthetist to(More)
Sixty patients premedicated with temazepam were allocated randomly to receive an infusion of propofol designed to achieve and maintain a target blood concentration of 3, 4 or 5 Induction time was measured from the start of infusion to loss of verbal contact. The success rate of inducing anaesthesia within 3 min of achieving the target(More)