Martin Wetzels

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In this paper, the authors show that PLS path modeling can be used to assess a hierarchical construct model. They provide guidelines outlining four key steps to construct a hierCarol Saunders was the accepting senior editor for this paper. archical construct model using PLS path modeling. This approach is illustrated empirically using a reflective,(More)
We conducted a quantitative meta-analysis of previous research on the technology acceptance model (TAM) in an attempt to make well-grounded statements on the role of subjective norm. Furthermore, we compared TAM results by taking into account moderating effects of one individual-related factor (type of respondents), one technology-related factor (type of(More)
M-commerce has been heralded repeatedly as the new service frontier of the millennium. Present market reality, however, seems to be less optimistic. Therefore, the current study explores the factors contributing to the adoption of mobile services in a context of wireless finance. The technology acceptance model was used as a point of departure. For this(More)
This article presents a review of the existing literature on value in business markets, from the perspective of both business marketing and purchasing and supply management, in three steps. First, some of the early research strands on value are examined including value analysis and engineering, the augmented product concept, consumer values, and economic(More)
This paper demonstrates the relevance of consumers’ susceptibility to interpersonal influence (CSII) in an investment context. In Study 1, a survey of individual investors, investment-related knowledge, psycho-social risks, and social needs emerge as antecedents that explain investors’ susceptibility to informational and normative influence. In turn,(More)
In this paper, the authors propose that psychological safety, a sense of interpersonal trust and being valued in a work team, is an important determinant of groupware technology adoption in an educational setting. They develop and test a model of antecedents and consequences of psychological safety. Data were collected from 361 university students,(More)
Buyers invest considerably in developing their suppliers, yet the performance effects of such investments are not universal. Drawing on social capital theory, this research investigates whether the relationship between supplier development and relationship benefits may be facilitated by the generation of relational capital. The authors examine mediating and(More)
Impressive studies show that sharing alliance experience and having a dedicated alliance function lie at the foundation of repeated alliance success. However, with increasing experience, the dangers of overconfidence loom. In other words, certain learning mechanisms may well foster the adoption of inadequate cause-and-effect relationships derived from prior(More)
The authors examine antecedents and consequences of environmental stewardship in frontline business-tobusiness teams. On the basis of data from members of 34 teams organized into regional networks, they demonstrate the differential impact of team environmental stewardship on customer satisfaction ratings and sales. Furthermore, the results reveal lagged(More)
SUMMARY Call centers have become an important customer access channel as well as an important source of customer-related information. This boundary-spanning unit has finally enabled companies to take marketing's commonplace wisdom of listening to the customer literally. As a result of the fact that an increasing number of companies are now actively(More)