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The effect of thiophenol layer grafted on carbon for platinum catalyst stabilization was studied. The grafted layer was prepared by reduction of 4-thiophenoldiazonium ions in the presence of Vulcan XC72 substrate. The grafted layer was characterized by elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis coupled with mass spectrometry, and X-ray photoelectron(More)
The Hans-Ertel Centre for Weather Research is a network of German universities, research institutes and the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD). It has been established to trigger and intensify basic research and education on weather forecasting and climate monitoring. The performed research ranges from nowcasting and short-term weather(More)
Different carbon materials were modified using iodonium ion reduction creating radicals, which after reaction with carbon surfaces formed grafted layers of molecules. Several molecules (4-bromophenyl, 4-fluorophenyl, 6-chlorohexyne, and 4-bromobutyne) were grafted on glassy carbon and Vulcan XC72 carbon substrates. Carbon substrates were shown to be free of(More)
Knowledge on the contribution of observations to forecast accuracy is crucial for the refinement of observing and data assimilation systems. Several recent publications highlighted the benefits of efficiently approximating this observation impact using adjoint methods or ensembles. This study proposes a modification of an existing method for computing(More)
The electrochemical reduction of 1,10-phenanthroline in aqueous acidic electrolyte at a glassy carbon electrode led to the covalent modification of the electrode. Thereafter, the deposited film can be switched to an electroactive form by electrochemical oxidation. An electroactive film can be also generated by alternate reductive and oxidative voltammetric(More)
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