Martin Wegner

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We present the General Game Playing system Centurio. Centurio is a Java-based player featuring different strategies based on Monte Carlo Tree Search extended by techniques borrowed from Upper Confidence bounds applied to Trees as well as Answer Set Programming (for single-player games). Centurio's Monte Carlo Tree Search is accomplished in a massively(More)
In this paper we address the issue of change after deployment in safety-critical embedded system applications. Our goal is to substitute lab-based verification with in-field formal analysis to determine whether an update may be safely applied. This is challenging because it requires an automated process able to handle multiple viewpoints such as functional(More)
The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) offers several distinct features which can be leveraged for Disruption or Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN). SCTP is able to handle an arbitrary number of independent streams in one connection---termed an <i>association</i>---and it also supports using multiple networking devices in one association at the same(More)
Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), especially the Bundle Protocol (BP), transmit data in self-contained bundles each of which carrying all necessary information to process it and route it to its destination. While this allows for long delays, link disruptions and higher loss rates and makes the BP well-suited for networks such as Wireless Sensor Networks(More)
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