Martin Vrlík

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A number of reports suggest that the sexually transmitted pathogen of cattle, Tritrichomonasfoetus, and a gastrointestinal commensal of pigs, Tritrichomonas suis, are very similar and may be co-specific. A conclusive review of the taxonomic and nomenclatural status of these species has not been presented so far. Toward this end, we reexamined and compared(More)
Gamma-tubulin is required for microtubule (MT) nucleation at MT organizing centers such as centrosomes or spindle pole bodies, but little is known about its noncentrosomal functions. We conditionally downregulated gamma-tubulin by inducible expression of RNA interference (RNAi) constructs in Arabidopsis thaliana. Almost complete RNAi depletion of(More)
The protozoan genus Cochlosoma includes parasitic intestinal flagellates of birds and mammals of uncertain taxonomic classification. The presence of an adhesive disc, superficially similar to that of Giardia, led to a proposal that Cochlosoma should be classified as diplomonads. Careful morphological and ultrastructural observations, however, revealed(More)
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