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The article is devote to describe the structure of selected courses and the author's work in the project named Center for innovative education (ESF 2010-2012), which is supported by European Social Fond (ESF). The project is implemented at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FPV), Constantine the Philosopher University (UKF) in Nitra. The first and the main(More)
Between 2010-2012 the authors of Article actively involved in Innovative education center project (ESF 2010-2012), which the main objective was to upgrade the teaching of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, adaptation to the needs of academic quality improvement and human resource skills development. The project was implemented at the Faculty of Natural(More)
The use of multimedia in the educational process is currently considered almost for granted. Most universities and also many secondary schools have created to study e-learning courses, in which are incorporated multimedia elements. Not always and not for each school subject are important elements of multimedia. In this article we will discuss the use of(More)
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