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BACKGROUND No universal solution, based on an approved pedagogical approach, exists to parametrically describe, effectively manage, and clearly visualize a higher education institution's curriculum, including tools for unveiling relationships inside curricular datasets. OBJECTIVE We aim to solve the issue of medical curriculum mapping to improve(More)
This contribution demonstrates how to apply concepts of social network analysis on educational data. The main aim of this approach is to provide a deeper insight into the structure of courses and/or other learning units that belong to a given curriculum in order to improve the learning process. The presented work can help us discover communities of similar(More)
Closure under various completions are studied for the variety basic algebras and the variety of Löb algebras. Basic algebras arise from (Visser’s) basic logic, and the class of Löb algebras is an important subclass of basic algebras. Canonical extensions, ideal completions, MacNeille completions and complete ideal completions of these algebras are discussed.
Recognizing textual entailment is typically considered as a binary decision task - whether a text T entails a hypothesis H. Thus, in case of a negative answer, it is not possible to express that H is “almost entailed” by T. Partial textual entailment provides one possible approach to this issue. This paper presents an attempt to use word2vec(More)