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The sparse group lasso optimization problem is solved using a coordinate gradient descent algorithm. The algorithm is applicable to a broad class of convex loss functions. Convergence of the algorithm is established, and the algorithm is used to investigate the performance of the multinomial sparse group lasso classifier. On three different real data(More)
Carcinomas of unknown primary origin constitute 3% to 5% of all newly diagnosed metastatic cancers, with the primary source difficult to classify with current histological methods. Effective cancer treatment depends on early and accurate identification of the tumor; patients with metastases of unknown origin have poor prognosis and short survival. Because(More)
The study of epigenetic heterogeneity at the level of individual cells and in whole populations is the key to understanding cellular differentiation, organismal development, and the evolution of cancer. We develop a statistical method, epiG, to infer and differentiate between different epi-allelic haplotypes, annotated with CpG methylation status and DNA(More)
MOTIVATION Contamination of a cancer tissue by the surrounding benign (non-cancerous) tissue is a concern for molecular cancer diagnostics. This is because an observed molecular signature will be distorted by the surrounding benign tissue, possibly leading to an incorrect diagnosis. One example is molecular identification of the primary tumor site of(More)
Identification of the primary tumor site in patients with metastatic cancer is clinically important, but remains a challenge. Hence, efforts have been made towards establishing new diagnostic tools. Molecular profiling is a promising diagnostic approach, but tissue heterogeneity and inadequacy may negatively affect the accuracy and usability of molecular(More)
The main objective for this thesis is the construction of a tensor bundle on a diffeological space X. Thereby getting access to the exterior bundle of antisymmetric tensors on X, and smooth sections here on i.e. differential forms. We shall list certain requirements that any reasonable tensor bundle on a diffeological space should fulfil. And show that the(More)
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