Martin Vickers

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Certain organisms can survive prolonged desiccation. Examples are seeds [1], pollen [2], spores [3], many rotifers and tardigrades, certain nematodes and the eggs of many insects [4], and lichens [5]. The term anhydrobiosis has been used to describe the state of such organisms during desiccation. Anhydrobiosis has been defined as "life or latent life in the(More)
Cytosine methylation is a DNA modification with important regulatory functions in eukaryotes. In flowering plants, sexual reproduction is accompanied by extensive DNA demethylation, which is required for proper gene expression in the endosperm, a nutritive extraembryonic seed tissue. Endosperm arises from a fusion of a sperm cell carried in the pollen and a(More)
A novel High-Throughput Continuous Hydrothermal (HiTCH) flow synthesis reactor was used to make directly and rapidly a 66-sample nanoparticle library (entire phase diagram) of nanocrystalline Ce(x)Zr(y)Y(z)O(2-delta) in less than 12 h. High resolution PXRD data were obtained for the entire heat-treated library (at 1000 degrees C/1 h) in less than a day(More)
High-throughput continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis has been used as a rapid and efficient synthetic route to produce a range of crystalline nanopowders in the Ce-Zn oxide binary system. High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction data were obtained for both as-prepared and heat-treated (850 degrees C for 10 h in air) samples using the new robotic beamline(More)
Laboratory X-ray diffraction is used to investigate the size and shape of dispersed plate-like and spherical colloidal particles. Analysis of the wide-angle diffraction data provides information about the size and shape of crystals from the width of the Bragg peaks according to the Debye-Scherrer formula. The measurements, data analysis, and evaluation are(More)
The crystal structures, including two new polymorphs, of three diastereomerically related salt pairs formed by (R)-1-phenylethylammonium (1) with (S&R)-2-phenylpropanoate (2), (S&R)-2-phenylbutyrate (3), and (S&R)-mandelate (4) ions were characterized by low-temperature single crystal or powder X-ray diffraction. Thermal, solubility, and solution(More)
Low-density amorphous (LDA) ice is involved in critical cosmological processes and has gained prominence as one of the at least two distinct amorphous forms of ice. Despite these accolades, we still have an incomplete understanding of the structural diversity that is encompassed within the LDA state and the dynamic processes that take place upon heating(More)
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