Martin Verlage

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Intellectual control over software development projects requires the existence of an integrated set of explicit models of the products to be developed, the processes used to develop them, the resources needed, and the productivity and quality aspects involved. In recent years the development of languages, methods and tools for modeling software processes,(More)
It is a well-known fact that communication mechanisms within large-scale software development are important to ensure the success of projects. The empirical study described here investigates factors driving the outcome quality of various types of meetings, taking place during software development activities at Bosch Telecom Private Networks. The dependent(More)
The objective of software process technology is to support the derivation and analysis of software process models, and their use in projects. Software process models should represent as much as possible of a project, and thereby support as many project members as possible. But a very rare few people ever understand a large project as a whole. The rst(More)
Process support approaches use process models to allow for communication, reasoning, guidance, improvement, and automation. Two approaches are compared and combined to build a more powerful one. In this paper we describe the synthesis of the CoMo-Kit and MVP-E approaches. CoMo-Kit is based on AI/KE technology. It was developed for supporting complex design(More)
In many software developing organizations handbooks prescribe how the development processes are to be carried out in order to provide support during process performance. However, these process handbooks often are not accepted by their intended users. This paper presents a new concept for the representation of process information and process support, the(More)
In 1999, a new team at MARKET MAKER Software AG began to develop a software product line for managing and displaying stock market data and financial market news. The basic idea was to use web technology in all applications for delivering services to customers. It soon turned out that the company had to change both the processes and the organization. This(More)
Abstract. Representations of activities dealing with the development or maintenance of software are called software process models. Process models allow for communication, reasoning, guidance, improvement, and automation. Two approaches for modeling processes and instantiating and managing the process models, namely CoMo-Kit and MVP-E, are combined to build(More)