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The aim of this research is to empirically investigate the relationship between a leader’s self-efficacy, transformational leadership and leader effectiveness. On the basis of the literature and current leadership research review, the theoretical model, in which transformational leadership mediates the relationship between a leader’s selfefficacy and(More)
The present study focuses on juvenile delinquents' perception of two procedures used in group therapy. Eleven juvenile delinquents, participants of a probation program, were asked to share their experience with group therapy. Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the interviews with the participants, the specifics of verbal and action procedures(More)
Interest in new multimedia services has rapidly increased over last years. This concern goes hand in hand with demand for higher bandwidth which leads to need to develop new compression standards as VP9 or H.265/HEVC. This results in requirements for video quality assessment as one main part of the multimedia stream. Compression together with transmission(More)
In the last years the interest on multimedia services has rapidly increased which leads to requirements of quality assessment, especially in video domain. Compression together with transmission link imperfection are two main factors that influence the quality. This paper deals with the video quality assessment of the impact of VP9 compression standard using(More)
This paper describes simulations of a test sequence transmission for intrusive measurement of VTQoS in mobile environment. The aim of the simulation was to analyze an influence of multipath signals propagation and propagation attenuation on the test sequence. Evaluation the generated sequences was based on the calculation of mean square measure and(More)
Recently multimedia services increase, especially in video domain, leads to requirements of quality assessment. The main factors effected that quality are compression technology and transmission link. This paper presents a coding efficiency comparison of the well-known video compression standards Advanced Video Coding (H.264/AVC), High-Efficiency Video(More)
This article focuses on the relationship between the bitrate of the H.264/AVC compression standard and the packet loss and its impact on the video quality. This testing is the second part of the research of a global video quality factor which will rate the impact of the compression and the transmission link on the video quality. In the first part of this(More)
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