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Research on improved methods of performing automated coding is being conducted by the Census Bureau. The Automated Industry and Occupation Coding System (AIOCS) was developed for the 1990 Census Industry and Occupation (I&O) Coding operation. It performed very well. AIOCS has now been certified for use in current surveys I&O coding processes as well. After(More)
A statistical metadata content standard is being developed by the Bureau of the Census. The " Survey Design and Statistical Methodology Metadata " standard is an inclusive set of statistical metadata concepts which characterizes all aspects of survey design, processing, analysis, and data sets. This standard's development is a key step in designing a(More)
This report is adapted from "Towards a Unified Data and Metadata System at the Australian Bureau of Statistics-final report", written by Bo Sundgren, dated 1991-12-02. Dr. Sundgren gave his permission to have his original document modified. The purpose of this paper is to serve as a "Straw Man" document, elicit ideas, and lead to a draft plan for developing(More)
The Bureau of the Census is developing a Statistical Metadata Content Standard to define the necessary metadata to describe all aspects of survey design, processing, analysis, and data sets. The draft standards document must be easily reviewed by subject matter experts. Our experience has shown that information displayed in the format of a standard is not(More)
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