Martin Unwin

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—We will show that ocean-reflected signals from the global positioning system (GPS) navigation satellite constellation can be detected from a low-earth orbiting satellite and that these signals show rough correlation with independent measurements of the sea winds. We will present waveforms of ocean-reflected GPS signals that have been detected using the(More)
In this paper we analyse the GPS signals reflected by the surface of the ocean to retrieve information about the sea surface roughness, expressed in statistical terms by means of the sea surface Mean Square Slopes (MSS). Particularly, we perform Delay-Doppler mapping of real scattered GPS signals from the Surrey Satellite Technolody Ltd UK-DMC mission , and(More)
The design and development of dual frequency antennas for a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based remote sensing instrument is presented. Two such antennas have been developed facing zenith and nadir directions. Both antennas cover L1 and L2 bands, centred at 1.575 GHz and 1.227 GHz, respectively. Antennas are to be body mounted onboard a small(More)
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