Martin Umgeher

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Learn more in: Speech-Centric Multimodal User Interface Design in Mobile Technology. 2. Learn more in: Designing e-Business Applications with Patterns for This often involves a participatory or cooperative design approach in which to Evaluate the User Experience with Mobile Interactive Multimedia Systems. 11. Design of a Mobile Brain Computer(More)
Due to the rapidly growing amount of knowledge, a stronger need emerges for efficient and improved knowledge acquisition strategies. E-learning can be very helpful for different learning activities in various learning environments. However, in order to support different teaching and learning paradigms, e-learning should deal with more than simply reading(More)
The recent expansion of broadband Internet access led to an exponential increase of potential consumers of video on the Web. The huge success of video upload websites shows that the online world, with its virtually unlimited possibilities of active user participation, is an ideal complement to traditional consumption-only media like TV and DVD. It is(More)
The vast amount of published literature explaining the ldquoright wayrdquo of doing Extreme Programming (XP) shows that in practice, there simply is no single right way. Even though XP is a simple and slim process, it has to be tailored to the nature of each team and project in order to provide the benefits it promises. Our team has been working on a(More)
The success of a software development project is associated not only with tools and technologies, but it also depends on how much the development process helps to be user-centered and developer-oriented. Involving customers in the process and being people-oriented, Extreme Programming (XP)– One of the popular agile methods – can be a choice for developing a(More)
Mobile phones have become full-featured mobile computers. Applications providing good user experience and taking full advantage of the increasing capabilities of mobile phones are still rare. One such application is audio and video on mobile phones which is expected to become a killer application in the near future. A lot of valuable audio and video content(More)
Video content remixing—personalised or generic—is available on the Web in various forms. Most platforms target at users uploading and rearranging content, and sharing it with the community. Although several implementations exist, to the best of our knowledge no solution uses metadata to its full extent to, e.g., dynamically render a video stream. With the(More)
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