Martin Trouillard

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The physiological role of the plastid terminal oxidase (PTOX) involved in plastoquinol oxidation in chloroplasts has been investigated in vivo in tomato leaves. Enzyme activity was assessed by non-invasive methods based on the analysis of the kinetics of chlorophyll fluorescence changes. In the dark, the maximum PTOX rate was smaller than 1 electron per(More)
Mitochondria are the powerhouses of eukaryotic cells as they feed metabolism with its major substrate. Oxidative-phosphorylation relies on the generation, by an electron/proton transfer chain, of an electrochemical transmembrane potential utilized to synthesize ATP. Although these fundamental principles are not a matter of debate, the emerging picture of(More)
The mutation G143A in the inhibitor binding site of cytochrome b confers a high level of resistance to fungicides targeting the bc(1) complex. The mutation, reported in many plant-pathogenic fungi, has not evolved in fungi that harbor an intron immediately after the codon for G143 in the cytochrome b gene, intron bi2. Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a(More)
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