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We have studied the formation and structural properties of quadruplexes of the human telomeric DNA sequence G(3)(T(2)AG(3))(3) and related sequences in which each guanine base was replaced by an adenine base. None of these single base substitutions hindered the formation of antiparallel quadruplexes, as shown by circular dichroism, gel electrophoresis, and(More)
8-Oxoguanine is a ubiquitous oxidative base lesion. We report here on the effect of this lesion on the structure and stability of quadruplexes formed by the human telomeric DNA sequence 5'-dG(3)(TTAG(3))(3) in NaCl and KCl. CD, PAGE and absorption-based thermodynamic stability data showed that replacement of any of the tetrad-forming guanines by(More)
BACKGROUND The inhaled corticosteroid, fluticasone propionate, was compared with the oral bronchodilator theophylline in the maintenance treatment of asthma. OBJECTIVE The objective of the present study was to compare the efficacy and safety of twice-daily inhaled fluticasone propionate, 50 micrograms, and fluticasone propionate, 100 micrograms, with that(More)
Replacement of two to four guanines by adenines in the human telomere DNA repeat dG3(TTAG3)3 did not hinder the formation of quadruplexes if the substitutions took place in the terminal tetrad bridged by the diagonal loop of the intramolecular antiparallel three-tetrad scaffold, as proved by CD and PAGE in both Na+ and K+ solutions. Thermodynamic data(More)
Laboratory spectra of methane-nitrogen mixtures have been recorded in the near-infrared range (1.0 – 1.65 μm) in conditions similar to Titan’s near surface, to facilitate the interpretation of the DISR/DLIS spectra taken during the last phase of the descent of the Huygens Probe, when the surface was illuminated by a surface science lamp. We used a 0.03 cm(More)
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