Martin Thurner

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The response of the terrestrial carbon cycle to climate change is among the largest uncertainties affecting future climate change projections. The feedback between the terrestrial carbon cycle and climate is partly determined by changes in the turnover time of carbon in land ecosystems, which in turn is an ecosystem property that emerges from the interplay(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the auditory implant manipulator, a navigation-controlled mechanical and electronic system which enables minimally invasive ('keyhole') transmastoid access to the tympanic cavity. MATERIALS AND METHODS The auditory implant manipulator is a miniaturised robotic system with five axes of movement and an integrated drill. It can be(More)
1 Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Computational Landscape Ecology, Permoserstraße 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany; E-Mail: 2 German Research Center for Geosciences, Section Remote Sensing, 14473 Potsdam, Germany; E-Mail: 3 Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM) and the Bert Bolin(More)
This paper presents results of a new numerical treatment of 3D MOSFET simulation with nonplanar interfaces. The simulations have been carried out by MINIMOS 5 our fully three-dimensional simulation program. Three-dimensional effects like threshold shift for small channel devices , channel narrowing and the enhanced conductivity at the channel edge have been(More)
Turnover concepts in state-of-the-art global vegetation models (GVMs) account for various processes, but are often highly simplified and may not include an adequate representation of the dominant processes that shape vegetation carbon turnover rates in real forest ecosystems at a large spatial scale. Here, we evaluate vegetation carbon turnover processes in(More)
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